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Can the winner please contant me in the ask.

item: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Kagerou-Project-MekakuCity-Actors-Kano-Syuya-Anime-Cosplay-Costume-Wig-CAP-/221443815368
seller: Kucos08


image of what i got: 

It’s exactly like the picture!
Actually, I think they ordered it right from Taobao, because it had a blue.beard tag on it!
The quality is amazing and the shipping was pretty quick (about a week.)
I love it and I can’t wait to wear it for my cosplay.
All in all I highly recommend this seller!

The winner will get this awesome Sailor Moon figure!

In honor of Sailor Moon Crystal which came out this month!

Sorry for the blur photo. My camera is not all that great.

This figure is from http://www.estaticarts.co.uk/ which is a amazing store!

I have been buying from them for years and not have been let down yet.

Competition details here!

Extending the competition to the 23rd July

Give people more time to enter cause I’ve only had 4 so far. Also will post the prize up on Saturday so you can see what you are going to win.



Competition details in post below.

Telling the difference between a fake figure and a real one.

Hello. I know this isn’t cosplay related but I would like to talk to you guys about this issue.

For those of you who don’t know I am a massive anime fan. And my biggest hobby is to collect anime figures.




After doing it for so many years I thought maybe I can tell you guys how to spot a fake from a real figure.

So I am going to start with this.

Last year I brought myself a Len Kagamine figure. It cost me £68 from a anime convention. Then at Christmas my friend brought me the same one for £25 off ebay .

Can you tell which is which from this photo?


The one on the right is the real one.

Now how can you tell when you see a figure at a convention.

Usually the best way to tell is by the paint job. Real ones are painted so well they do not have smudge lines or the paint is not neat. Also the figure should not have any markings on it.

As you can see below. THe left fake one has horrible lines and a mark on it back.

Fake on left of photo


Another way to tell is by the texture of the plastic. On the fake figure the plastic will be rough and you might feel bumps on the rim of characters clothes.


Another way to tell is by the colour it’s painted in. Usually fake figures hair is never shaded. It would be one block colour, sometimes that same colour with be on the clothes aswell.image

There is also another way you can tell by the hair and that is by how pointy it is. The real figures hair will have a sharp point. If you just touch it you will tell right way. Fakes usualy have blunt ends. ThIs is only for the big figma figures.

Fake on left


There is another way to tell but this is only after you buy it is by how well it fits together. When you buy a figure you have to usually put it on its stand and put the props on it. Now if while your doing so and you start to struggle to place something then it is fake. Everything should simple be put together with ease. When I put the fake together the guiter would not fit cause the tie was to low. I had to use force.

Fake on right


It also does not fit in the figure’s hand aswell.

Fake hand in front


And the last way to tell is by skin colour. Fakes always have a dull peach while a real has a bright peachy colour. Also the eye colour on fakes will be dull aswell.

Please! Do not buy figures off ebay. Most of them will be fakes. If you do want to then make sure the photo is their own. Do not buy if you seen the same photo from different sellers or the official photos from official sites. Please go to your nearest convention or use a trusted official site.

I really hope that this has helped you alot. Sorry for spelling errors and such.

Now a test! Which one here is the fake and which one is real? You need to send your answer to my ask for me to add you.  I will pick a name at random and there will be a prize for the winner.

Will annonce the winner on the 23rd July

Good Luck!image

Nagisa Hazuki cosplay jacket


bought from zmh1117 on ebay 

what i ordered:


what i got: 

Displaying photo.JPG

cost: 31.25 

good price nice quality and super fast shipping it came in two weeks and earlier than the expected time. this was my first time buying a cosplay so i was really skeptical 

cons; there are a few design flaws like the coloring on the cuffs and collar are backwards and there is no lining to the jacket.

overall im happy and can overlook the small flaws espicially since it came with the patches that unfortunately not alot of the jackets on ebay come with 

but for being true to the picture i give it a 7/10 but everything else is a 10/10 

Orange Bob Cosplay Wig for Tepig

Ebay seller: http://www.ebay.com/usr/jinghuazou2006?_trksid=p2047675.l2559

Product I bought: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Promotion-New-Medium-FIVE-color-Mix-Curly-Cosplay-BOB-Wavy-Wig-gift-/271422878181?ssPageName=ADME:L:OC:US:3160

Image on website:

image of what i got:

The cut is obviously A LOT shorter than I was expecting, so that was disappointing. The color is a lot more orange as well, but it works with what I’m doing so it’s alright. The shine isn’t too bad either. The gift it came with was an actually very cute bear keychain! I’m keeping this wig because it works for my cosplay, but I would NOT recommend this seller or buy from them again. ლ(╹Д╹ლ)

MoeMall (ebay) Angel Beats Yurippe Wig Review

I’ve recently bought a wig from Moemall on their ebay site:http://www.ebay.com/itm/121234615258?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649


I ordered it on March 20, 2014 and it arrived April 4, 2014. It came in a package like this:





(all taken without flash)

The wig is really soft and not easy to tangle. The color wasn’t that exact to the picture on Ebay, but I think the color actually looks better in real life. As for shininess, it doesn’t shine too horribly. 

I would definitely recommend buying from Moemall!


(how it looks worn)

The fringe is still long, but I plan to style it soon~

cosplayfly2010 ebay review - Free! Iwatobi Swim Club jacket

This is what I ordered:


This is what I got:

Just like the photo. Perfectly well made and fits great.

It has pockets just like it shows at top.

Only down side is that it has no inner lining so it is very see through.

I didn’t order a custom size for this cosplay. I choose a XL size cause i needed the cosplay within 3 weeks. Ones already in size are already pre made so next day this was posted instead of waiting 3 weeks for it to be made to your size.

It arrived within 3 weeks

The logo is nicely printed on the back

Overall I am very happy with it and how fast it arrived. A little disappointed that there was no lining but it still very well made


Here me in the full cosplay:


net_1plus1 ebay review - Kairi cosplay

What I ordered:


The total price was $45 plus $25 shipping (but you can choose a $15 shipping option if you have more time)

What I got (please excuse the mess that is my room):

The bags aren't actually uneven if you take the time to adjust them, I just threw them on lazily

Here’s a close up shot of the front

So before I go into further detail, let me rate the service and such.

Shipping: 5/5 So when I read in their description that making the costume would take 2-3 weeks, and shipping would take a few days as well, I ordered it in advance for my con that would be at the end of March. Imagine my shock when my costume arrived at my door 9 days after I ordered it! It was a pleasant surprise, since they’d never marked it as shipped on eBay, but it really isn’t that big of a deal. My mom said that it was probably because I ordered it *just* before Chinese New Year vacation, though, so the seller must of rushed it so they could go on vacation. Still, it was super fast, though if you’re ordering from them yourself I would give it some time like I did, just to be safe.

Customer Service: 4.5/5 So I messaged them first with my measurements, and then again asking them when it would come, telling them I needed it by a certain date. They took about 2 days to answer, reassuring me that I’d get it in time (and boy, did I!). A few days later they messaged me again, asking for my phone number for the shipping, which I provided and what do you know, a few days later it came! I only took off half a point because it took them a few days to answer me.

Now, onto the actual costume. Here’s a better pic of the full cosplay. It IS a little big on me, but I did that on purpose, since a lot of Chinese sellers tend to make my costumes smaller than they should be. Thankfully, this one didn’t. I will have to take it in but if I ever ordered again, I’d give my accurate measurements.

As you can see, the zippers on the front are gold and fake, except for the one at the top, which zips and unzips like this:

I had the hood facing the wrong way when I took this picture, but they did a great job on the hood. Only thing is you can’t actually wear it unless your head is tiny like mine, and even if you do the end is pointed so it looks weird, lol

Like I said the zippers on the front are fake, so there’s an invisible zipper on the back that you use to get in and out of the costume.

Now, onto the bags. They are attached by a belt that’s a little too small for me, if I ever ordered again I’d add a centimeter or two onto my waist, but they fit so it’s alright for now.

Now here is the fun part: the bags are FUNCTIONAL! Like, you can put stuff in them. Problem is, there’s nothing like velcro attaching the flap to the bag, so I’ll have to fix that, but I was totally not expecting a functioning bag, which is awesome.

So I’d say this cosplay was a 7.5/10. My complaints would be that the zippers on the front are not real, the material is kind of flimsy and it doesn’t look exactly like the picture. But I’m happy with it. If you’re short on cash I’d recommend this costume, but if you have more money and time, I’d say go find one that’s higher quality.

Overall experience: 8/10

Sorry if this was long. >.<